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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Commons Ale House

I live in downtown Santa Monica. About five blocks from my tiny one-bedroom apartment is The Commons Ale House which serves tasty beer and not much else. I’ve been frequenting this fine establishment since around March of 2013 and have gotten to know the owner (Beth – she’s awesome) and all of the bartenders. And […]



I’ve been to this airport more than any other. Even when I lived in Memphis I never got to MEM as much as I’ve gotten to LAX. And yet, I still don’t really know this airport. Not yet. Terminal 5 is my spot. Delta. I know the tricks like parking on the top floor provides […]

Down Here

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 6.18.26 PM

Hum of cars and chug of trains. Sirens blue white flash. Burned meat. Oily cheese. Stains and pillows and piled dishes. Down here I can’t see you. Up there. With the stars on the ground. And the distance pulling Open the silent longing. Cramped between chairs and trays. Diet Coke with too much ice Sloshing […]

Thoughts Matter


“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”- Buddha I love that quote. I recite it often throughout the day. The truth of it is hard to accept at times. Self-doubt and self-pity are powerful forces that swoop in and crowd an […]

Memphis Wings – Don-Don’s


Memphis cuisine is known for its barbecue but it’s also a destination for great hot wings. I’m not talking about the drummies or party wings you devour while watching football games. I’m talking about big, meaty whole wings drenched in fiery, tear-inducing sauce.

Much like the proliferation of whole-in-the-wall BBQ joints the wing spots are all around – usually tucked into decaying strip malls between cash advance stores and discount mattress shops.

Today I enjoyed a feast at Don-Don’s in Raliegh and I’m hooked.

Sky Spider of Richmond

Sky Spider of Richmond

For a brief six months in 2011 I lived in downtown Richmond, Virginia. It was great. The city was pretty cool from what I got to see and it’s a short drive to D.C., Virginia Beach, the mountains and pretty accessible to just about the entire Eastern seaboard. While in Richmond I stayed in a […]

Newer Beginnings

Venice Beach Pier

I’m back. A New Year. New attitude. New commitment to publishing. Sharing. Engaging with the digital masses. For a variety of reasons – some I understand, some baffle me and others are tucked underneath my consciousness – I need this site. My creative energy needs an engine and that engine is webraw. Welcome to the […]

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